Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Things I Have Learned in Zory....

 1) Read a package of Cheetos very carefully....they could be flavored with ketchup.

Yes, I somehow bought some ketchup flavored Cheetos. It didn't even occur to me to look for that. I did check because I didn't want the flaming hot bag, but wow...ketchup? Now learning a bit more, I think the people of Poland just like ketchup more than I do (by the way, I hate it). One day ordering a pizza the waitress (kelnerka) asked if I wanted ketchup. When I said no thank you, she went on to explain it was free and seemed a bit surprised I didn't want any. When she asked me about ketchup I thought she meant extra tomato sauce...but no, it is ketchup. I saw her bring out a bottle of real tomato ketchup to another table and they squeezed it all over their pizza.

2) You can use jumper cables to fix a washing machine.

The laundry and washing machine had been a huge problem, but it is all fixed now. So, first I didn't even know how to use it. So Agnieszka gave me a quick tutorial. Then when I went to do the laundry it didn't work. I didn't turn the water on. So did that. Still didn't work. Agnieszka came over and she couldn't get it to work either. So she called her friend who is very Mr. Fix it. He's about 80....so don't get your hopes up. He comes over after work....but does not speak English. At all. Oh...except for one phrase that I will come to later. Agnieszka couldn't be here, so Aneta came over to translate. Basically the knob to turn the water on/off is a piece of crap and it broke in the off position. So he is asking if I have a wrench or pliers.....but Aneta translates this to scissors. I DID have scissors, but saw what I was holding up and said "nie" (that is no....but it is pronounced in such a way it kind of sounds like nyet). I realized he was talking about tools and told Aneta that I didn't have those. So he goes down to his truck to see if he has anything. He comes back and has....jumper cables. But he clamped it onto the little valve with no knob and got the water in the on position. But it is broke....so if there is ever an emergency I will have to turn the water off for the whole apartment. After that he held up the crappy knob and said, in broken English, "made in China". So I guess that's the same anywhere! LOL. Anyway, did some laundry. It seemed to take 2 hrs!!! Agnieszka says that is normal. So put the clothes on the line and went to bed. But have done a few loads now, and it works just fine.

3) My couch is a sofa sleeper.

I have a "guest room".

4) The hardest thing to say in Polish is "chicken wings".

At the time of the last post I didn't think I would ever be able to say "thank you". Well, I can now say it perfectly... and I say it quite a few times a day. But chicken wings is going to be tough....but I am sure I will get it eventually. In the mean time pizza and lody (ice cream are very easy to order). :-)

5) The bus to/from Zory to Rybnik (the closest mall) is the number 52.

That's self-explanatory.

6) There is a Chinese restaurant in Zory.

I don't know anyone who has tried it, so no idea if it is good. Right now not craving Chinese...but one day it might come in handy.

7) There are more people in Poland who know how to play Euchre than there are in California.

Okay, that might be completely true...but I have MET more people in Poland who play Euchre than my 10 years in Southern California. (And that is true.)

8) Some people who have a flat, also have a garden.

In Poland it is typical to have a lot plot of land to have a bit of the outside space....mostly people in apartments do this (and it seems almost everyone lives in an apartment or a flat...that might not be true, just my observation so far). I consider it somewhat similar to a Russian style dacha or country house...but most of the time these gardens are in the same city. Most have a small structure that has a kitchen and bathroom. A few people build a bedroom too, but mostly it is just to be used for the day.
Agnieszka's parent's have a garden space, and this past weekend there was a BBQ get-together. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet a few more people. It was a great way to spend a summer day.
That's all for now....hope to do some exploring this up coming weekend!


  1. ketchup on pizza!!! wow, that sounds about like our chicago dog style pizza with a mustard sauce at Lampost!!! love this!! miss you!!

  2. ha! I also hate ketchup. Very curious to see how the Chinese tastes.